Gratitude is free.


Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture,

Today, I will keep my keep my long-winded opinions to a bare minimum. I saw someone very dear to my heart today and was solemnly reminded of all the beauty I take for granted in my life.

It is horrifically easy to adhere to what one personally thinks is important, but tonight- I feel it is necessary to be grateful for all that is ignored. Why does the bullshit find it’s way of taking precedence over the magic and blessings handed to us?

I am grateful for:

1. My parents forgiveness- they know of all my “schmuck” tendencies I fight to hide from the world.
2. Human beings who see the beauty of living in some of the worst situations I have ever witnessed.
3. Health- 2 very dear people to me were diagnosed with cancer a while back and today they were simultaneously rechecked. They both were cleared cancer-free.
4. My cat- he brought me yet another gift this evening. Poor rat.
5. Ice cream- reincarnates the soul.

LOVE- theblindgem


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