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Horse with no name.

A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.   -ANONYMOUS

To be anonymous is a beautiful, yet detrimental thing.  When you do not carry the burden of being held accountable for your actions, you are given the liberty to make mistakes.  You are graced with the freedom of thoughts, opinions, and actions.  Welcome, if you are not in the inner circle of friends or family, you may be wondering, “Little weirdo, why the Blind Gem?”.

Forget the name, we will diverge into that minor detail some other time.  For now, I would like to propose a promise, to all who will eventually be written about or referred to in my writings.

  1. I promise to change your name to something absurd like “Bon Qui-Qui” or “Farquad”.  Names of endearment will be easily detected. On the contrary, if you’re an asshole, I will most likely depict you as “Lord Voldemort” or “Dillweed”. Whatever works. (for you to remain anonymous)
  2. Most of my blogging will document the series of unfortunate, yet humorous events that take place on a weekly basis in my life. I promise to be valid in my story-making and of course, raunchy.
  3. I promise to not overly use my poor habit of profanity in my writings. I can’t make any promises.
  4. Shit, I fucked up #3.

I would like to keep my first entry, short and sweet.  It’s Tuesday and I am sure all of the alcoholics out there are making excuses to attend Taco Tuesday’s so that they may sip on cheap tequila overly saturated in heavy fructose corn syrup. AKA: Margaritas. Trust me, I speak from experience.

I have included a picture of two very wise men, relishing in their nonsense. -theblindgem